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Updated: Jan 5

So earlier this year (ya know, before the plague broke out) Cameron and I had the blessing of being able to spend an entire week in Costa Rica.

I'd like to take a minute to go through some of my personal favorite highlights from the trip!

First we flew into Orlando, and from Florida we caught a short 3 hour flight to the capital of Costa Rica, San Jose. We arrived around 9am, and quickly realized our airbnb was six hours away from the airport. So, six hours, three taxis, two buses and one bag of plantain chips later... we made it to our final destination for the day, Playa Hermosa.

The sand here was beautiful. It was a volcanic beach, so the sand was black and stuck to your body like charcoal. I think Cam's favorite part of this trip might have actually been the stray dogs that ran around the area helping us dig our sand castles.

The hotel I picked for us was called Villa Sol. it absolutely lived up to every single photo and review I found before booking. And it was only .2 miles to the ocean!

You guys know me... I am a budget kind of gal, ya know? And I like my experiences to feel unique, and special. Nothing too touristy. SO. LET. ME. TELL YOU. I booked all our events through Airbnb Experiences and it was the most genuine home-y kind-of tourist-y time of my life. 5 stars!

One day while we were there, we booked a sea turtle nesting trip.

Cam and I started that journey by trying to find a bus that would arrive/leave at the correct times. We eventually opted to drop a chunk of cash on an uber since we didn't rent a car.

The location was quiet. Farm land. Humble. Beautiful. The only shops on the street were small markets and a "New York Style" pizza shop where we decided to grab some food before the adventure started. Tim was our guide for the day. And at sundown we left in his old, very loved Ford pickup truck... down through the forest in pitch black darkness with no cell reception. Kind of thought I was going to die, but hell yes it was going to be a good death.

Half an hour later we got out of the truck and followed the sound of ocean waves until I heard him say "hurry! over here!!!''.

Guys... we happened upon not one, but THREE sea turtle nests that night! And they weren't empty! We ran to the nests and found a small group of other people digging in the sand, pulling the hatchlings from the beach. We held them, and rotated them to help supply oxygen since most sea turtles die right upon hatching due to suffocation. Then we watched them make their way to the ocean.

Another day we spent in hot springs heated by Rincon De La Vieja (the nearby volcano), followed by a four course meal that I got to enjoy in my bikini in the middle of the jungle. We ended the night by hitching a ride back with an employee to his apartment. He was kind enough to take us back to our Villa after we exchanged socials so we could keep in touch.

We had the goal of experiencing a waterfall while in Costa Rica. So, on our last day we befriended one of the employees at our Villa and him and his wife took us on a short trip to a close by waterfall. One they called "small", but was definitely anything but.

Other days, we spent hanging out at the Villa. After all, there was so much to take in just being there. Our mornings started with getting our groceries from a nearby market up the road, smoothie breakfasts and venturing around the beach.

I don't know if it was the unknown, the exhaustion, or ultimately how friendly every single person was that I met there... but Costa Rica was a dream.

Check out the hotel we stayed at, here

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