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Eliza is a versatile artist best known for her work as a vocalist & songwriter for her own self titled project, Eliza Grace. Her fragile voice & bold creative energy built a cult following in the emo/pop scene. As a result, her Youtube channel earned over 30M channel views before she reached the age of 18.


Over the years, Eliza expanded her sound & embraced genre blending influences. She soon found herself moving across country from a small town to the magical land of Los Angeles, California.


Born in 1997 in St. Augustine, FL, Eliza relocated often as a child. Her family moved across the southeast & spent the majority of her adolescence in North Carolina & Georgia. Most of Eliza's early years were rooted to a small church in the Appalachia's. Through choir performances, recitals, (& that one time she won a contest playing dueling banjos by herself) Eliza grew far past her conservative/sheltered environment, & into mainstream Youtube stardom...



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