Eliza Grace is an Alternative/Pop artist, viral youtuber and songwriter. The North Carolina native shortened and changed her name after her 18th birthday when she drove from the Atlantic Ocean, to the Pacific Ocean to finally land in Los Angeles, California. To outfit a life in her car and pursue her dreams.

In 2018, she teamed up with producer Cameron Pierce Mizell who’s played an integral role in the post-hardcore genre over the last decade and released "Wormwood". A collection of songs written over 10 years during some of the most turbulent chapters of her life. Leaving the record with complete authenticity through lyrics, melodies, and feelings. The album had a featured write up in Alt Press magazine as well as Floated and New Noise Magazine earning early comparison to Halsey and Lights. Followed up by "Love To Hate".  The "Love To Hate" music video premiered via Alt Press Magazine.

Over the Coronavirus Pandemic, Eliza traveled the country for six months and wrote her first full length, "Happysad" in and out of Airbnb's and hotels. Once again joining forces with Cameron Pierce Mizell and creating and recording in an atmosphere that left no room for lack of inspiration.



  • Youtube | 270k / 2M monthly impressions / 28m channel views

Strange Times
Baby Hands