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Who is Eliza?

Eliza Grace is an alt/pop singer, songwriter and musician. In her early years she built a cult following in the emo/pop scene. Resulting in her Youtube channel earning over 30M channel views.

Over the years, Eliza expanded her sound & embraced genre blending influences and has earned the attention of many she could've only dreamed of. Including David Bendeth (Paramore's RIOT!), Shelter Music Group (Fleetwood Mac, Johnny Depp, etc.) Cameron Mizell (Memphis Mayfire) & Kellin Quinn from childhood favorite band Sleeping With Sirens and more.


While falling in love with travel, Eliza has committed to a semi nomadic lifestyle for the last 5 years with journeys throughout the world. Inspired by the world around her, Eliza’s stepped into the land of photography where she shoots candid “slice of life”, Tumblr-edge, film inspired photos and self portraits for brands such as Revlon, & SCRATCH nails.


You can find her music on all your favorite streaming platforms and quirky music videos on Youtube & VEVO.


Check out her photography online (@elizagracephotos) or published in magazines such as HorizonT, Elegant, or Feorce magazine.


She documents her weird little artsy life through social media— feel free to give her a follow if you’d like to see for yourself!

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About Me

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