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Eliza is a versatile alt/pop singer, songwriter and musician. Her fragile voice & bold energy built a cult following in the emo/pop scene. Resulting in her Youtube channel earning over 30M channel views before she reached the age of 18.


Over the years, Eliza expanded her sound & embraced genre blending influences. She soon found herself moving across country from a small town to the magical land of Los Angeles, California.


Born in 1997 in St. Augustine, FL, Eliza relocated often as a child. Her family moved across the southeast & spent the majority of her adolescence in North Carolina & Georgia. Most of Eliza's early years were rooted to a small church in the Appalachia's. Through choir performances, recitals, (& that one time she won a contest playing dueling banjos by herself) Eliza grew far past her conservative/sheltered environment, & into mainstream Youtube stardom.


Pulling inspiration from muses she was only taught to shun, Eliza’s first video went viral in 2016. Her cover of Bring Me The Horizon’s "Drown” propelled her into a thrilling future of self discovery & support across the globe. After a subtle name change and a three week trek across the country, Eliza found herself living nomadically along the pacific coast highway. 


“Although homeless, I still believe 2016 was my golden year if that exists” Eliza tells her viewers. "Living minimally expanded my belief systems, inspiration and ultimately my infatuation with life."



In continuation with keeping her younger self proud, Eliza has collaborated with many of her favorite childhood artists and producers. Beginning with gold record producer Cameron Mizell (Sleeping with Sirens, Memphis Mayfire), the two wrote a whimsical, dream-like collection of songs called Wormwood. Soon after, she worked alongside multi-platinum record producer David Bendeth (Paramore’s RIOT!) on her single Love to Hate. And in 2020, she co-wrote & featured on Work of Art, a standout track on Kellin Quinn’s solo project Downer Inc.


Eliza continues to pursue her ever-evolving artistic talents in photography (now 10x+ published internationally) and content creation for brands like Revlon, Ollo Audio, Slate Digital, etc. In 2020, Eliza has launched her own preset collection based off of her top magazine publications. She lives to write and capture life through a lens worth remembering. After all, "remembering life is almost as important as living it." - Eliza Grace

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