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Eliza Grace is an Alternative/Pop artist, viral youtuber and songwriter.

In 2018, she teamed up with producer Cameron Pierce Mizell who’s played an integral role in the post-hardcore genre over the last decade and released "Wormwood". A collection of songs written over 10 years during some of the most turbulent chapters of her life. 

The album had a featured write up in Alt Press magazine as well as Floated and New Noise Magazine earning early comparison to Halsey and Lights. Followed up by "Love To Hate".  The "Love To Hate" music video premiered via Alt Press Magazine.


All of the young artists lyrics and compositions in the last year have been written in and out of airbnbs, hotels, through couchsurfing, and most recently in the middle of the forest.

"Broke, Sad & Poor" was written and tracked by Eliza in her home studio in the forest with Cameron Mizell. Lyrically, it's an honest and vulnerable song written from rock bottom. However the song feels playful and hopeful. The single is being accompanied by a live rendition performed by Eliza and chamber orchestra filmed and premiered with the music release.